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Periodontics, also known as gum disease, is a condition in which your gum tissue becomes infected. It can cause major harm when the bone is destroyed, so much so that you risk losing any teeth that are infected. At Southern Oaks Family Dental Care, we offer a variety of periodontal treatments to remove and target the diease-causing bacteria and return your gums to a healthy state. Our experienced periodontist has extensive training and education in common dental issues relating to the gums and is specifically qualified to provide gum disease treatment to all of our patients.

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Root Scaling & Planing

When treating gum disease, the first step is to perform a non-surgical root scaling & planing. This involves a deep cleaning of the mouth, where scaling removes the tartar and plaque from the teeth and planing reshapes and smoothes the surface. Doing this allows the gums to reattach to the teeth, minimizing the depth of disease and providing better structure for your mouth overall.

Patients receiving root scaling & planning will benefit from:

  • Fewer cavities
  • Reduced risk of severe gum disease
  • Reduced risk of tooth loss
  • Cleaner, plaque-free mouth

Saving Your Smile from Gum Disease

Typically, gum disease is caused by poor brushing and flossing habits that allow plaque to build on the teeth and harden. This can threaten the health of your smile and cause symptoms of inflammation and pain. When the condition progresses, your teeth may become loose or fall out.

The three stages of gum disease are:

  • Gingivitis – this is the first stage of periodontics and warning signs generally display tender and swollen gums at the gum line. If brushing and flossing do not remove the plaque that’s formed, poisonous toxins can cause irritation.
  • Periodontitis – during this stage, the bone that supports and holds your teeth in place becomes irreversibly damaged. Your gums may form a pocket below the gum line as well, which will trap food and create more plaque.
  • Advanced Periodontitis – in the final stage of gum disease, the supporting bone and fibers are completely destroyed and your teeth will begin to shift and loosen. This dramatically affects your bite and you’ll need periodontal treatment as soon as possible to prevent having your teeth removed altogether.

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    “Southern Oaks has a great atmosphere. You are greeted with a friendly staff once you arrive. They provide you with superb dental care and will make your visit an enjoyable experience.”

    - Justin M
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    “I honestly was terrified of the dentist, until I found them! I can’t wait to go back! Kudos to you Dr. Cowan and your beautiful staff!”

    - Deineria M
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    “I would definitely recommend Southern Oaks Family Dental Care to others because they are very thorough and understanding.”

    - Chasity W
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    “I love Dr. Cowen. He is great and very friendly! He conveys the information very well and thoroughly. The staff is technology savvy using high-quality dental equipment.”

    - Jocelyn B
    This Place is Great!

    “This place is great! The staff was welcoming and Dr. Norris made the experience great. Throughout my treatment, she made sure that I was okay. I will definitely recommend anyone to go if they need any dental work done.”

    - Erica B

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