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Ideally, everyone could keep all their original teeth for a lifetime; but that is rarely the case. Tooth extractions are a common oral surgery procedure that is needed by most people at some point in their life. Whether you have wisdom teeth that are causing problems or a broken tooth that cannot be saved, come see us at Southern Oaks Family Dental Care. We offer tooth removal in a comfortable and stress-free environment at our dental center in Baton Rouge, LA.

Our goal at Southern Oaks Family Dental Care is to help our patients maintain their natural teeth whenever possible. We offer advanced treatments to save infected or damaged teeth, which are usually effective. However, when teeth are beyond repair or pose a risk to your health, we may recommend extraction. Tooth removal is common for wisdom teeth due to their larger size and location, but many other teeth may also need to be proactively removed. Our dental team makes the process as easy and painless as possible for patients.

Stress-Free Tooth Removal

Most people would prefer not to undergo a tooth extraction, but it does not need to be a stressful experience. Our dental center offers sedation dentistry and local anesthesia to ensure patients will not feel any pain during their tooth removal surgery. While it is not necessary to be sedated during a tooth extraction, some patients prefer to be relaxed with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or more powerful options like oral conscious or IV sedation.

Most tooth extractions are a quick procedure. A single tooth can be removed in about 15 minutes once the tooth is completely numbed with local anesthesia. If multiple teeth need removal or the tooth is impacted, it may require a longer and more invasive surgery. Our dentist will discuss what to expect before, during and after a tooth extraction procedure during your consultation and exam.

If you need a tooth removed, you can trust our experienced dental team to provide a stress-free experience. We have sedation dentistry available for tooth extractions at our dental center in Baton Rouge, LA. Contact us at Southern Oaks Family Dental Care to schedule your tooth removal consultation.

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