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Kids are more prone to cavities than adults for a variety of reasons. The back molars are especially at risk for tooth decay due to the ridges on the surfaces and the difficulty of cleaning these teeth. One of the options to prevent tooth decay in children and teens is teeth sealing. At Southern Oaks Family Dental Care, we offer dental sealants as one of our pediatric dentistry services at our dental center in Baton Rouge, LA.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Teeth sealing is achieved by painting a thin plastic or resin coating over the surface of the teeth, especially the back molars. This coating hardens and fills the fissures (grooves) in the teeth where food and bacteria can collect. Dental sealants are safe and can last for a few years until they eventually wear off.

Both baby and permanent teeth can be treated with dental sealants. According to the CDC, dental sealants can prevent up to 80% of cavities over two years in the back teeth, which is where most tooth decay occurs. The sealant can last for several years and provide protection against tooth decay that can damage the structure of the teeth.

Benefits of Teeth Sealing

Anyone who has problems with tooth decay can benefit from teeth sealants. Kids, adolescents, teens and adults can reduce their risk for tooth decay with teeth sealing. The treatment is safe and non-invasive – it only takes a few minutes to perform after a dental cleaning. With sealants, you can reduce your dental costs for you and your family while protecting the teeth from damage. The treatment is usually covered by dental insurance as a preventive care procedure.

Teeth sealing is a very safe and effective way to protect back teeth from caries or tooth decay. For kids, dental sealants are often recommended once the permanent molars arrive, usually around ages 6-7. Some younger children may benefit from teeth sealing if they have problems with cavities.

To learn more about dental sealants and other options to protect the smiles in your family, contact us at Southern Oaks Family Dental Care in Baton Rouge, LA, to schedule your next checkup and cleaning.

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